Driven by their Vision for healthcare services and the Love for  the ‘users’ of Health Systems’ services, a team of internationally active and highly experienced healthcare professionals founded the Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Quality and Safety in Health Services to primarily promote patient-centered health.

Whilst based in the heart of the Mediterranean, Institute members from around the world look forward to and envision to becoming the drivers of shaping and transmitting know-how and expertise through the establishment of an international network with the aim to improving the ‘value’ of health services and the therapeutic, safety, managerial performance dimensions at individual and national / international level.

For the Founders as well as for the Members of the Institute, quality in health services means timely delivery of optimized and appropriate, personalized care leading to a beneficial, safe and holistic clinical outcome for the patient, – deriving by a Value Based Healthcare setting which individually meets the patient’s psychological and medical needs and is being provided in a timely manner, through an appropriate therapeutic pathway, efficiently utilizing available resources and in accordance with evidence-based practice (evidence -based care and patient-care -patient centered care values and principles).

In order to read the full text of the EIQSH Founding Declaration click here.

The Euro-Mediterranean Institute aims to becoming the driving force and the supportive mechanism for the planning, the development, implementation and monitoring of current health policies and programs at a national, regional and local level by ensuring their harmonization and alliance with the basic principles and strategies of the international organizations as WHO, OECD, European Commission, CDC, ECDC and Scientific Bodies and Associations.

At the same time, EIQSH provides opportunities for healthcare professionals or other professional disciplines occupied in the Healthcare sector to be trained or train others, collaborate and be inspired by the Institute partners around the Globe. Certified training programs in the frame of Continues Professional Education (theoretical and practical training) aim at the specialization and acquaintance of crucial skills to enabling further impetus, based on evidence-based international best practice.