Our Mission

EIQSH Mission derives from the basic principles of current health policies as are defined by International Organizations- Policy Makers- Regulators.

* Universal Health Coverage (WHO World Health Coverage 2020-2030 / WHO-Europe Office, Health 2020)

* Citizens equal access to high quality patient-centered healthcare services. (Providing quality health services: a global check, WHO-OECD-World Bank 2018).

‘’Universal health coverage is defined as ensuring that all people have access to needed health services (including prevention, promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation) of sufficient quality to be effective while also ensuring that the use of these services does not expose the user the financial hardship. Universal health coverage has therefore become a major goal for health reform in many countries and a priority objective of WHO’’.

In a ‘nutshell’:
- promotion, support and implementation of programs towards 'value based healthcare'
-promotion, support and implementation of programs that enhance the patient-centered approach in health services and health systems
- patient safety enhancement at all levels of health and healthcare services’ provision
- implementation of national and international standards for healthcare management, quality and safety of patients in healthcare services, training of health professionals and contribution to the compliance of healthcare services with international standards in both the private and public healthcare sector.
- monitoring of clinical effectiveness and epidemiology data, KPIs and quality indicators measurement in healthcare services, in order to formulate and apply continues improvement strategies.
- assurance of data quality and statistics verification by the use of international methodologies
- promotion of HCPs’ knowledge and awareness on issues such as:
  • safety principles in healthcare
  • reducing errors in the implementation of nursing care
  • preventing events with an impact on clinical efficacy and effectiveness

Our Goal

Our goal is to join forces and bring together highly specialized, experienced and skilled professionals and healthcare providers, to improving the quality and safety level in healthcare, on a national as well as a cross border context.