Registration Process

Any interested party (either a person or a legal entity) can become a member of the EIQSH by completing the application hereby. Once the application has been evaluated and approved, the applicant has to accomplish the membership fee payment by an annual subscription amounting to 50,00€ for individuals and 150,00€ for legal entities, by which he/she becomes an official member of the Institute and enjoys the following privileges.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the registration until 31th August 2020 are free!

Membership benefits

  • Each individual member of the Institute receives the membership card as well as the EIQSH ID.
  • Each legal entity-member of the Institute receives a Certificate of the approved member and the corresponding Affiliation Seal of the EIQSH.
  • Presentation of member’s data on the website of the Institute (under the consent of the individual)
  • Access to the Institute’s global network of affiliated partners
  • Access to the Institute’s digital library, to studies and textbooks of the Institute, useful guides and global health statistics, or links to online sources such as international and EU legislation / health directives, ISO standards’ overview etc.
  • EIQSH Journal quarterly issue with the latest developments in the field of Health Policies, Patient Safety and Quality Assurance in the field of Healthcare
  • Significant deduction in educational programs (e-learning-webinar & inperson programs and other activities of the Institute
  • Official invitation to the Avedis Donabedian Institute’s annual congress
  • Free participation in cultural events of the Institute


To become a member, please download, complete and send us the respective application that you can find , to .

We will get back to you as soon as possible! 
Our goal is to join forces and bring together highly specialized, experienced and skilled professionals and healthcare providers, to improving the quality and safety level in healthcare, on a national as well as a cross border context.

Katsapi Angeliki
Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary