The EuroMediterranean Institute for Quality and Safety in Health Services is not the owner of the material below.

Healthcare risk assessment made easy, 2007 (Source: NHS)

A risk matrix for risk managers, 2008 (Source: NHS)

Risk Management Strategy,2015 (Source: NHS)

2018 Risk Maps (Source: Aon)

Clinical Risk Assessment Policy, 2015 (Source: NHS)

Safety and Risk Management Interventions in hospitals (by Michel Dückers, Marjan Faber, Juliette Cruijsberg, Richard Grol, Lisette Schoonhoven and Michel Wensing, Source: Research Gate)

Record and Analysis of Errors and Violations’ Procedure by Medical and Nursing Personnel in the Operational Theaters/Surgeries, Ph.D. Thesis in Greek language, 2011 (by Liaxopoulou Alexandra)