Authors: Dr. Sepetis Anastasios and Mr. Rizos Fotios


In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards the implementation of CSR both in Europe and worldwide. This fact has created the need and necessity, from the part of hospitals, to adopt social and environmental policies. The purpose of this article is to reflect the current state of environmental and social performance in the concept of CSR, correspondent GRI guideline report, and to reveal if CSR is implemented in a Greek hospital facility. Furthermore, we demonstrate how a hospital may implement environmental, social and sustainability policies and we suggest specific actions, under which a health facility, if they implement them, will be more environmentally and socially responsible to its stakeholders. Finally, we propose an environmental and social instrument and in particular the globally recognized standard GRI, according to it, a hospital will be able to measure the environmental, social responsibility and sustainable development, aiming to provide the necessary information to its shareholders and stakeholders.

Keywords: CSR evaluation, Environmental and social performance, Environmental stakeholders, Green health care system, GRI report, sustainable development.

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