Duration: 2 day – 8 hours

Language: Greek and English

Certificate of Attendance

Level: General

This training program aims to acquaint the participant with the rich theoretical background of counseling but also to practice the skills and practical techniques required to apply counseling to people who are ill.

Based on the specifications of the relevant structures and the requirements of modern scientific reality, it emphasizes the following parameters:

  • Action levels of counselor
  • Practices and attitudes of counselors during the counseling process
  • Knowledge and skills that are considered necessary for the counselor
  • The objectives of the counseling intervention
  • Axes of action
  • The stages of counseling
  • Useful techniques during counseling



Section 1: Introduction to Counseling and Counseling Psychology. Theory of Counseling

In this subsection the concepts of Counseling and Counseling Psychology are defined, the various theories of counseling are presented, the role of counseling and the concept of empathy are emphasized and finally the applications and types of counseling and its relation to the therapeutic process are mentioned.


Section 2: Methodology for the implementation of Counseling

This subsection describes the methodology of counseling, which includes the approaches, methods, techniques, means and process followed by the professionals who provide counseling services, individually or in groups.


Section 3: Counseling and patients

This subsection presents material on the application of counseling and communication with patients.



  • Health Sciences students
  • Doctors / Nurses and other Health Professionals or other specialties working in the Health Sector
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers