Duration: 2 days- 8 hours

Language: Greek and English

Certificate of Attendance

Level: General


Mistakes during medical care can occur anywhere in the healthcare system (European Commission, 2006).  In Greece, the assessment of the nature and total financial burden of medical errors is difficult and cannot be accurately approached, due to the lack of data from an organized information system (Riga et al., 2014). According to the Eurobarometer of the European Commission (2014), 78% of the Greek respondents think it is likely patients could be harmed by hospital care and 71% of the respondents think it is likely patients could be harmed by non-hospital healthcare. Moreover, 20% of the Greek respondents have -personally or through a member of their family- experienced an adverse event while receiving healthcare (European Commission, 2014). Generally, the amount and level of compensation awarded by courts for medical errors in Greece is worryingly high, with the frequency and the amount of mean compensation increasing dramatically in the late years (Vozikis & Riga, 2008; Riga et al., 2014).

Taking the above into account, physicians and other healthcare professionals need to familiarize themselves with the relevant legal framework and, particularly, with the relevant legislation and case law.



  • Understanding of the basic concepts/terminology of liability (medical error/negligence, injury, causation, etc.).
  • Understanding of the different types of liability (civil, criminal, disciplinary) that may arise in the context of the provision of healthcare services with respect to both individuals (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives etc.) and legal persons (public and private healthcare institutions)
  • Presentation and analysis of core National, International and European laws which regulate issues of medical liability (Civil Code, Code of Medical Ethics, Law 2251/1994, Oviedo Convention, etc.).
  • Presentation of the basic civil, administrative, criminal and disciplinary case law in order to become familiar with the application of the relevant rules by the judiciary
  • Presentation of mediation as an alternative method of resolving disputes between healthcare professionals/ institutions and patients based on law n. 4640/2019
  • Presentation of the recent developments in the field of medical liability – presentation of key preventive measures physicians should adopt – guidelines for effective litigation preparation



  • Health Sciences students
  • Physicians / Nurses and other Health Professionals
  • Professionals involved in the organization and operational management of clinical and diagnostic departments
  • Lawyers / legal professionals specializing in (or interested in specializing in) medical liability
  • Students of Law Schools or Health Services Administration