The European Commission’s 2014 report highlighted the importance of measuring, evaluating and comparing the quality of health care systems at the EU level in a way that enhances transparency and fruitful exchange of experience and knowledge in order to continually improve health care services effectiveness in Europe and to evaluate both services and applied policies (European Commission, 9 October 2014).

The Euro-Mediterranean Institute provides Certified Statistical Measurements and Reported Indicators (KPIs) related to clinical and management efficacy and health service performance data. The purpose of data validation is to ensure a certain level of quality and reliability of the statistical reports measuring performance and outcome which are being produced and published by the health care providers.

Data quality has several dimensions: relevance, accuracy, timeliness and validity, accessibility and traceability, comparability, consistency, completeness.

Data validation focuses on the quality and reliability dimensions with regards to the ‘data basis structure’, data origin and collection including they are used for reporting, with sustained accuracy, transparency and objectivity of data, comparability and coherence, thus, namely, all the above characteristics.  The validation and certification assessment is conducted in accordance with the relevant international and European codes.

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