Duration: 3 days 24 Hours

Language: English & Greek

Certification: Optional

Level: General

Launched in 2012, SN/DIN EN 15224 System was implemented as the European standard for Quality Management Systems in Healthcare Services setting as primary goals, the patients’ safety and enhancement of quality in care.

The standard focuses at Risk Management principles and aims at the implementation of specific requirements in order to meet the specialized needs and operational conditions of the healthcare providers (hospitals and clinics, diagnostic centers, etc.) and specialized units (including assisted reproductive units –IVF clinics, dental facilities and clinics, rehabilitation and recovery centers, etc.).



Participants will acquire basic knowledge and skills regarding the following major issues:

  • Specifications and implementation of ISO 9001 and DIN / BS / EN 15224 standards in healthcare services
  • Recognizing and effectively managing patient safety risks and operational risks in healthcare organizations
  • Implementation of quality control procedures in healthcare to prevent errors and unwanted incidents
  • Evaluating and strengthening clinical efficacy
  • Acquisition of knowledge on audit methodologies (types of audit – categories – sampling)
  • Acquisition of knowledge regarding internationally applied tools and methodologies for conducting internal quality management system audits
  • Recognition, identification, recording and root-cause analysis of non-conformities. Establish a corrective action plan
  • Design of audit plans – designing & planning principles
  • Instructions for conducting audits to check compliance in accordance with a Quality Assurance System
  • Implementation of quality control procedures in healthcare to prevent errors and unwanted incidents
  • Implementation of procedures for measuring and monitoring quantitative, qualitative and clinical effectiveness indicators, in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.



  • Students in Health sciences
  • Medical Doctors/ Nurses, other Healthcare professionals
  • Professionals that are involved in the clinical operation planning
  • Quality Managers in healthcare facilities


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