GCT Diagnostics, the company officially representing Savyon Diagnostics Ltd in Greece, announces its affiliation with the Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Quality and Safety in Healthcare, in relation to clinical research and scientific projects and becomes a supporter for EIQSH activities.

Savyon Diagnostics is a biotechnology company developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality diagnostic kits and systems for the detection of Infectious Diseases and Genetic Screening for more than 30 years, through a worldwide network of over 80 distributors. Savyon Diagnostics is accredited with the highest international quality standards of research, development and manufacture, including ISO 13485, while company’s products are all CE-IVD certified.

To address the COVID-19 pandemic and the SARS-CoV-2 virus challenges, Savyon Diagnostics has developed the specialized rapid test QuickStripeTM SARS CoV-2 IgG / IgM, which is a crucial Public Health tool so as to qualitatively detect the IgG & IgM antibodies. Furthermore, by this innovative diagnostic kit, level of immunization can be evaluated with accuracy. As the vaccines against COVID-19 are already administrated to the population, the test can also be used to assess the immune response in order to make prognosis about the body response against the virus and finally, to contribute to an effective programming of the future vaccination framework.

Some of the advantages of QuickStripeTM SARS CoV-2 IgG / IgM are:

  • It is an inexpensive and fast solution, without the need for expensive, special equipment, while enabling accurate and on-time information about the result
  • In case of high viral load, the chances of a positive test are high, resulting in the rapid isolation & tracking of contacts
  • In case of a positive test, the person definitely has COVID-19 infection
  • Test results, in relation to virus detection using RT-PCR provide overall agreement 87.5% (IgM + IgG)
  • It is recommended especially for people who are symptomatic as opposed to those who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic.

The Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Quality and Safety of Health Services, actively supporting the overall effort to manage the pandemic and its consequences, continues its activities and has secured for the interested parties, a special preferential price for the supply of QuickStripeTM SARS IgV-2 by using a discount coupon. In order to receive the discount coupon, please contact us via email: info@eiqsh.eu

For more information, and to proceed with your order, you can contact the official representative Savyon Diagnostics Ltd in Greece:

GCT Diagnostics PL

13, Deinokratous str. Kolonaki, Athens ZP: 10675 Greece

T: +30 213 044 9123